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As an employee in The State Working for The State
Working for The State

A wide range of roles in public administration cover the following themes:

  • basic functions of society, such as the rule of law and citizens' security
  • welfare tasks, such as science, culture and social security
  • tasks related to supporting the infrastructure and livelihoods, and to sustainable development.

Our work also has an impact on Finland's ability to reach its national objectives within the European Union and in its other global partnerships.

The state employs approximately 80,000 individuals, and the number of employer agencies involved in various fields is 185. Working for the state offers many fascinating and challenging opportunities for talents of different fields.

In addition to the citizens, our customers include communities, agencies and companies.

In this section, the agencies describe their particular features.

Skill development

Learning is part of every civil servant's job description, and it is made possible by adopting new practices and learning environments.

Adequate competence that meets a role's requirements is ensured at different career stages, and development needs are discussed with every employee regularly. Staff rotation also supports development and the flexible utilisation of the employees' skills.

Some government occupations require qualifications from or further training at the state's own education units. These include positions with the police, criminal justice, security and the defence sector. Some state employers may also have their own training and internship programmes. The state-owned HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management provides training and development services to the central government.


We operate in public administration under the citizens' mandate and with public funds, for the benefit of society. That is why authorities, be it an agency or a civil servant, must act impartially, independently and fairly. We do high-quality work with good results and solid expertise. Good administration also includes customer-oriented service.

Responsibility forms the basis of our daily work, and we constantly monitor the achievement of our responsibility objectives. The sustainability reports of individual agencies are available on the State Treasury website.

Work environment and well-being

Changing work environments and advancing technology make new working methods and jobs possible in central government as well. We often work at multiple locations and carry out hybrid work in roles whose nature allows us to do so. In many roles, the flexible working hours allow us to achieve a good work-life balance.

Our staff's work satisfaction survey highlights their satisfaction with interesting and challenging work tasks. Furthermore, our staff appreciate the development opportunities and job stability.

When working for the state, employees are treated equally in everything that the employer does, but it is particularly emphasised when hiring new employees and defining the terms of employment.

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