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How to apply?

All government jobs are applied for via the same service. In order to submit a job application via the job search service, you must first create a user account. You will need a working email address to do so.

User IDs and applications stored in the job search service
User IDs and applications stored in the job search service

Your user ID will remain in the service if you use it actively. User IDs that have not been used for more than one (1) year are automatically deleted. Before the deletion, you will receive an email message informing you that your ID is about to expire. Signing in to your user account will prevent the deletion of your account. Otherwise, you do not have to do anything and your unused user ID will be automatically deleted from the service in accordance with the notification.

Applications submitted via the service are stored for two (2) years after the end of a recruitment process. Incomplete and unsent applications, as well as applications cancelled by the applicant are stored for 6 months.

Applicant's instruction for the service
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Internal mobility's guide for the service
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Questions regarding a role

Please contact the respective agency directly if you have any questions about a job advertisement or the recruitment process. You can find the contact details in the advertisement. If the application period has already ended and the advertisement has been taken off the website, you can find it by logging in to your user profile.

Open applications

You can also submit an open application through the service. Based on an open application, an applicant can be hired for a fixed-term position for a duration of less than two (2) years. Permanent or longer fixed-term positions with the state are always filled based on targeted applications made for a specific role.

Help with technical queries from the applicant service
Help with technical queries from the applicant service

The applicant service assists applicants with technical queries pertaining to the job search service. The phone line is open on weekdays at 8:00–16:15.

Email: hakijapalvelu(at)

Telephone: +358 29 556 4020

Please note that the applicant service will not accept applications.

Please contact the relevant agency directly in matters concerning an individual recruiting process.

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Valtiolle Valtiolle-logo is the job search service of the Finnish government. Our service is a showcase for working in the state and an application channel for open jobs and internships in the state. Our service constantly has hundreds of positions open for versatile work tasks in Finland and abroad.

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