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Internal work application opportunities for civil servants The state encourages its employees to transition internally.
The state encourages its employees to transition internally.

We aim to make use of existing skills, which is why those working for the state have the opportunity to find work through staff rotation for a fixed term at another agency. When doing so, the employee will remain in the service of their own agency, which will pay the employee's salary and other personnel costs during the rotation. Staff rotation within a single agency is also possible.

Civil servants can also work for another government agency for a fixed period, as individuals can be hired for fixed-term positions of less than two years in duration without a public application process. However, a permanent position in another agency cannot be filled through an internal application procedure.

In addition, the state can utilise the internal mobility of civil servants and their skills through internal application procedures, for example during a reorganisation process used to restructure existing positions.

Contact details
Contact details

Internal mobility positions are only visible to civil servants who register to the job search service with their work email address and log in by using a specific link. Civil servants should primarily contact the HR department of their own agency with any questions regarding internal mobility and applications.

Civil servants must apply for publicly advertised positions the same way as those who do not work for the state. Civil servants must register with their private email address and apply for the post by using the same link as all other applicants. In other words, civil servants may not apply for positions that are publicly advertised at by using their internal applicant's user ID.

Contact information
All internal users of the state must turn to the main users of their respective agencies.
Questions regarding internal mobility and staff rotation: valtionhallinto(at)

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