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Why should you apply to work for the state? The state gives you the following:
The state gives you the following:

A reputable employer

The state is a stable and reliable employer. The terms of employment are competitive and comply with the labour legislation.

An open pay system

The salary is almost always displayed in the job advertisements.

The state has agency-specific pay systems in place, in which the pay typically consists of a basic salary and a personal salary component. The basic salary is determined based on how demanding a role is, while the personal salary component depends on performance and qualifications. In some government agencies, a salary may also include a seniority component, separate performance-based bonuses or compensation for special conditions.

More leave days

On average, the state offers better leave perks than the labour market in general. The number of leave days depends on the length of service. The maximum number of leave days is 38 a year. Saturdays do not count as leave days when employees go on leave. Moreover, unused leave days can be transferred from one agency to another if an employee changes positions within the state.

Remote work opportunities

In many government agencies, employees can work remotely at least some of the time. The number of remote work days per month varies between agencies.

Flexibility for the work-life balance

Nearly every agency offers flexible working hours, which allows employees to combine work and free time in a way that makes sense. State employees are also entitled to paid or unpaid leave of absence from work on the basis of studies, family reasons, other employment or other significant reason.

An opportunity to enhance your skills

Government officials can be assigned to work at another agency to develop and share their skills or otherwise be employed on a temporary basis at another agency, or they can work permanently for one agency. The agencies also actively train their employees.

Further information

Terms and conditions of employment relationships on the Ministry of Finance website.

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