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The state offers both permanent positions and temporary positions in public office. It also has jobs available based on employment contracts. Temporary positions in public office can be filled on certain legal grounds, such as parental leave.

Every agency is responsible for planning its staff resources and hiring. Some positions are filled through training provided by an agency, while others can only be accessed through training organised by the employer.

All permanent positions that become available are published at Applicants must submit their applications for a specific role in order to qualify for the application process.

By submitting an application via the service, applicants can ensure that their application has all the information required by the employer. If you choose to submit your application in some other way, please make sure it includes the recruitment identifier.

Requirements and expectations described in the advertisements

The job advertisements list the training, experience and competence that applicants are required to have. In addition to these features, an advertisement may contain statutory qualification requirements. These are absolute requirements based on law that a person must meet in order to be selected. Without the required qualifications, an applicant cannot be invited to an interview. Therefore, potential applicants should read through the advertisements carefully.

Open application

The state can also hire individuals without a public application process for a fixed-term position for a duration of less than two (2) years. Such advertisements are not published at the Job Search Service.

Applicants can submit an open application to the state, in which they specify the field of work and/or agency they would like to work for. Only temporary positions with the state are available through open applications.

Publicity of applications
Publicity of applications

Applications submitted to an authority are public documents, but they will not be publicly accessible.

The name and qualifications of the person chosen for a position are disclosed to those who took part in the recruitment process. Otherwise, information is not automatically disclosed to third parties. Applicants may enquire about the information with the recruiting agency's registry. Based on the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999), only confidential matters specified in Section 24 of the Act are to be kept secret. Therefore, if an application contains confidential information, this information will not be disclosed to third parties.

When applying for government posts, applicants may ask that their information not be made public. The request can be noted down in the application or sent directly to the recruiting agency. However, authorities must always present information on request. Media has often heeded the applicants' wishes. Ultimately, the name of anyone applying for a government position may be made public. Usually, only the names of those applying for high-profile roles end up in the media.

If you have a non-disclosure for personal safety reasons in place, you can write "turvakielto" in the address field of your application and accept electronic notifications for the application.

You should only include such information in your application that you would put in a public CV.

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Valtiolle Valtiolle-logo is the job search service of the Finnish government. Our service is a showcase for working in the state and an application channel for open jobs and internships in the state. Our service constantly has hundreds of positions open for versatile work tasks in Finland and abroad.

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