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Research Scientist, post doc - Natural Resources Institute Finland

The Natural Resources Institute of Finland has a vacancy for a Research Scientist, doctoral researcher/ post doc.

We are seeking a Research Scientist, doctoral researcher/ post doc to join our research team that is focusing on understanding turbulent gas transport above small heterogeneous land use patches (e.g., forest clearcut, agricultural parcel) and accuracy of eddy covariance (EC) observations in such locations. Land use causes abrupt ecosystem boundaries (e.g., forest edges) and small-scale variability in surface GHG fluxes (e.g. spurious nitrous dioxide emission peaks), which challenge the applicability of common flux measurement tools (e.g., EC) in such locations. Simultaneously, land use induced GHG fluxes need to be monitored and understood for developing climate-smart management practices. This position offers a great opportunity to explore these challenging topics with new and innovative tools in an interdisciplinary research community.

We will combine novel spatiotemporal measurements (distributed temperature sensing, thermal imaging of the surface, land surface mapping, traditional EC instrumentation) in measurement campaigns and utilize also high-fidelity large eddy simulations (LESs) in an effort to unravel the dominant flow processes near forest edges and surface gas flux heterogeneities. The hired person will lead the analysis of data stemming from these campaigns and utilize data from an existing EC measurement network. The work is done in a tight collaboration with LES experts working at Finnish Meteorological Institute who are responsible for simulating the turbulent flows. The position entails also international collaboration with other experts in this research field, e.g., in USA and Germany.

Main duties and responsibilities:
- Process and analyze data from spatiotemporal measurements (distributed temperature sensing, thermal imaging) carried out at a forest clearcut site, and integrate these data with other concurrent data streams for understanding flow processes near forest edges.
- Analyze existing EC datasets for signs of surface gas flux heterogeneity with the aid of multiple concurrent high frequency gas signals (CO2, H2O, CH4 and N2O).
- Based on these observational datasets and LES results, develop tools for assessing the effects of surface gas flux heterogeneities and forest edges on EC flux measurements.
- Present findings in scientific conferences and meetings and publish them in peer-reviewed journals.
- Contribute to designing and organizing field measurement campaigns.

Our expectations of the applicant

Successfully managing the task requires:
- PhD or MSc in natural or atmospheric sciences (e.g., meteorology, physics, environmental science, hydrology, geography)
- Knowledge of eddy covariance measurements and atmospheric boundary layer flows
- Experience in scientific programming (e.g., Python, R, Matlab)
- Good written and spoken English

Seen as advantage (not mandatory):
- Experience with distributed temperature sensing and/or thermal imaging
- Experience with field work, e.g., setting up eddy covariance measurements
- Knowledge of forest canopy flows or other complex flows
- Familiarity with processes controlling GHG fluxes between the atmosphere and
- Experience with large eddy simulation models (e.g., PALM)

Benefits Our mobile work model allows you to work in Finland in the location most appropriate for your work. In addition, we provide flexible hours, and as your employment with us continues, long vacations. We offer lunch benefits, as well as sports, culture or commuting support.

For international recruits, we provide a relocation package, which includes concrete support for coming to Finland and Luke (eg. residence permit, various registration procedures, banking and taxation, finding an apartment).

The person selected for the position might need to undergo standard security clearance vetting with the applicant’s consent (Security Clearance Act 726/2014). More detailed information on the procedure and the subject's rights is available at


Olli Peltola
Senior specialist
+358 50 571 4903
Janne Rinne
Research professor
+ 358 50 401 6791

How to apply

Primarily, we request applicants to submit their applications electronically via the service. However, you can also apply for this job by delivering your application to the Registry Office’s postal address. Both the application and the envelope must feature the ID number of the position applied for. The letter must be delivered by the end of the application period.

  • The Registry of Natural Resources Institute Finland

    The Registry of Natural Resources Institute Finland
    Latokartanonkaari 9
    00790 Helsinki, Finland

  • Organization

    Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research and expert organisation that builds sustainable future and well-being from renewable natural resources. Through research, we create value and solutions for our customers and society by solving local and global challenges.

    Being open-minded, curious, and having a strong will to make a positive impact in the world bind Luke people together. We value our diverse working community consisting of people with different backgrounds and cultures and promote equality. Sustainability is included in all our operations.


    You can work at one of our following locations

  • Helsinki
    Latokartanonkaari 9
    00790 Helsinki
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    Other information

    Other information related to the task

  • Employment group: Specialists
  • Remote work: Possibility to work remotely
  • About working remote: Mobile work is used at Luke. This means that work is performed where it suits best. Mobile work is only possible within Finland, and the practices of mobile work are agreed with the supervisor. We also meet regularly face-to-face.
  • Reason for a fixed-term job: Nature of work
  • Working time format: Office working hours
  • Trial period: A trial period is 4 months.
  • Basis of remuneration: The position is at complexity level 8 in Luke's salary system and the position-specific salary is EUR 3 512,13 per month. In addition, a salary component based on personal performance will be paid (max. 50% of the position-specific salary). A new employee's personal performance component depends on competence and experience and generally falls in the range of 15-20 %. The applicant may also present a separate salary request.
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